How important is your driving license to you?

When facing drink driving offences you have a choice. You can take your chances with a duty solicitor; opt for legal aid in certain circumstances or take the sensible route by choosing an expert drink driving lawyer.

When facing traffic offences many people wonder whether having specialist motoring solicitors is worthwhile. If you are asking yourself this question then consider how important your license is to you.
Would it be worthwhile if a motoring lawyer was able to find a way of keeping your driving license? If solicitors were unable to keep it but could find a way of achieving a reduced driving ban would that be desirable? If you were able to take up driving again and travel into work within a few months would that make a difference to your life? Conversely what would the impact of losing your driving license be on your work, family and life in general?

A specialist motoring lawyer with expertise in drink driving offences has time to focus specifically on your case. They are highly experienced in all the nuances of motoring law and can help to find defences, corroborate evidence and highlight special circumstances. A duty solicitor does not have the time or focus to do this.

The secret to a successful outcome is in the preparation. Preparing for the day in court can do much to secure a more agreeable outcome. Clients go into court feeling equipped to handle the questioning and to present themselves in the most favourable way. To get the best from the service contact a motoring lawyer immediately you have been charged. This allows them to ensure all the necessary evidence and documentation is present and give them optimal time to develop your defence.

At Cunninghams Solicitors, we have years of experience in all aspects of driving offences to ensure our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

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