Could careless driving cost you your license?

Just what is careless driving? In motoring law careless driving is defined as:
“allowing your standard of driving to fall below that of a prudent motorist.”

Of all the driving offences, this is one of the most common but it is a difficult area as there are no definitive guidelines as to what constitutes careless driving. If you are charged with traffic offences, due to careless driving, the court will examine your case and circumstances to ascertain whether you were driving to an acceptable standard.

The prosecution can take a number of stances to prove that you were driving carelessly. When an accident takes place then one of the motorists will be charged with careless driving in general. If there is an accident involving just one driver then it is likely they will be charged also. Only mechanical defects that they were unaware of and have no obligation to be aware of would discount them from charges.
As careless driving can take so many different guises it is important to seek representation from an appropriate motoring lawyer. If it’s deemed you were driving too fast then speeding solicitors can help to fight your case. The outcome of your court appearance is often very dependent on the expertise of your lawyer so always opt for the specialists.

The worst case scenario is that you lose your license. You can be disqualified from driving if a Careless Driving offence is proven in court. You can also expect a maximum £2,500 fine and up to 9 points on your license. Some people may not realise that a lawyer is an advantage. Solicitors can advise you on whether there are any appropriate defences available or whether a guilty plea is required.

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