Offering assistance when you’re relocating

If you have just accepted a new job or even if you’ve retired and purchased a holiday home on the continent, moving your personal possessions can often take a very long time. The expense of doing this is normally costly too. However, courtesy of the help which we can provide this whole experience doesn’t have to be lengthy but in fact straight forward.

If you’re moving to France, Belgium, Holland or any other European location we can make this process incredibly easy. Although based in London, we have multiple vehicles travelling around several countries on the continent. It doesn’t matter when you’re moving to France that this is in a remote location because we have vast experience of helping countless customers to relocate to areas that many won’t have heard of before. The vehicles used for when you’re moving to Germany, France, Belgium and other European countries are fully insured too.

When you need a storage option so that your goods are safely locked away until when you’re actually moving to Germany, France or Belgium we can offer this service. This is available for the two weeks before the move is to take place. We are also able to store your items for two weeks after we have collected them and we offer a long term storage service in London as well.

When moving to France, there is no better company to choose than us. If you would like to receive a free quote so you can determine for sure about how much we charge, contact our highly experienced team sooner rather than later. We are always willing to answer any queries that you may have especially as this gives our team a prime opportunity to demonstrate exactly why our assistance has been chosen over those of other moving companies.

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