London weekends in the rain

London can be the most exciting city on the planet and there is no shortage of things to do, of places to visit, and of sights to see. In terms of art and culture London has some of the finest art galleries and museums in Europe and West End theatres are second to none. You will also find some great parks, concert halls and exhibitions as well an outstanding choice of eateries, pubs, and clubs. London is a city where it is just about impossible to ever be bored.

Or is it? There are times when even London can be dreary and cold. No longer do Londoners have to endure the sulphurous pea-soup fog and smog that they did on the 1960s, but when the wind whistles through the streets and the rain and sleet pour down relentlessly and everything appears to be the colour of wet grey slate, London can lose much of its charm. So what inspiring things are there to do on those rain soaked weekends?

On activity that can put a little colour on your cheeks and a spring in your step is ten pin bowling London. The capital is the bowling centre of the UK and the city can boast some of the best bowling alleys in Europe.

If you haven’t been 10 pin bowling before, or if your recollection of bowling alleys dates back to the 1970- and 1980s, you are likely to be surprised at how much fun the sport has become. Much of this is due to new technology and automatic scoring systems that have taken away all the hassle leaving behind pure unadulterated fun.

Even if you are a complete ten pin bowling novice, there is no need to be anxious about seeming to make a fool of yourself. You might send a few balls down the gully, but in no time you will be finding your target and it won’t be that long before you start making strikes; and there is always somebody on hand with helpful tips and advice.

Laser Quasar is another great activity for letting off some steam and banishing those wet London blues. It is another activity that over recent years has benefitted from the latest technologies. With lightweight combat vests and sophisticated laser rifles the idea is to zap your opponents whilst avoiding being zapped yourself. The futuristic setting with exciting sounds and flashing lights provides a perfect antidote to the rain sodden streets outside.

Of course there are many other ways to enjoy London weekends in the rain, but certainly you should add ten pin bowling and laser quasar to the list.