Flood Risk Assessment Is Essential

It seems that floods are becoming worryingly more common in the UK. Over the past few years there has been news story after news story about areas which have been devastated by flooding. There have been countless people who have been made homeless and had all of their property destroyed by flooding. Of course, this is something that no one ever thinks will happen to them but the reality is that in many parts of the UK; the threat of flooding is a very real one for many. This is why it is so important to have a flood risk assessment carried out on your property so that you can make provisions which will protect you against floods.

Similarly any developers who are looking to build new homes or commercial premises will also need to have a flood risk assessment carried out by law- failure to do so will see their planning permission dismissed out of hand because the Environment Agency simply will no longer take the risk of having buildings built on flood plain sites or without proper drainage which could lead to more flooding and more devastation for the people who live there.

More Flooding To Come

Many scientists believe that we are only going to see more extreme and unruly weather in the future and this means that we will be at even more risk than ever from flooding. One of the best ways we can be prepared and minimise the impact of any of this weather from having a major effect on us is to ensure a flood risk assessment is carried out on as many properties and developments as possible. This will allow new strategies to be employed which can offer more protection than ever before.

Flood Risk Assessment

Anyone who wants to have a flood risk assessment carried out will need to do so by contacting a trained assessor who will know all of the best procedures and protocol to follow. They will be able to look at drainage, threats from flood plains etc and will collect detailed information on a site which will show how much of a risk is present in any one area, from flooding.

When developing a site, a flood risk assessment must be carried out and submitted to the planners. A good flood risk assessment agent will help to come up with solutions which will help get planning approved, so they are invaluable.

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