Are you looking for high quality Pier caps for your property?

Many homeowners want their property to have as much kerb appeal as it does interior style and a great way of adding a touch of glamour and prestige to a property is to have architectural work and pier caps installed outside a home.

Pier caps are the stone items added to the top of walls and buttresses outside a home, and give a great finishing touch to any wall or construction, ensuring that they remain durable and also look stylish. The right pier caps will be made by an experienced stonework company with the skills needed to create bespoke pier caps for any job, and the stone used for pier caps should always be able to deal with even the most inclement weather without eroding.

Here at Key Stonework we specialise in pier caps and a range of other stone solutions, and our product selection includes everything from porticos to balustrades, copings, pier caps, quoins, strings, plinths, wall copings, heads, cills and collared bases.

We work with an extensive range of clients, from architects and builders to private clients looking for pier caps for their home, developers and those working on large scale housing or apartment projects who need a bulk order of a large volume of pier caps with the same dimensions and style.

Our range of pier caps includes options which are made from high quality architectural stone and we have recently expanded our range to include pier caps which are made from natural stone, giving our customers the choice they need and the chance to get pier caps which are going to be perfect for their needs.

If you want to browse the pier caps and other stone work solutions which we can offer at your leisure then why not visit our website and download our catalogue, which includes all of our current product range and all of the quality pier caps we can produce.

If you are looking for new pier caps then visit us here at Key Stonework and find the best pier caps to make the outside of your property look fabulous. We specialise in pier caps and all kinds of stone work.

Pier caps can add value to any brickwork and at we can provide quality reconstructed stone for your needs at competitive prices. Visit us today for more information!