Why Use Carpet Tiles?

The term ‘carpet tiles’ may seem like a bit of an oxymoron. After all, the majority of properties will either choose to use cheap floor tiles or will lay a carpet. So why on earth would you wish to combine the two?

Well, carpet floor tiles are often a far cheaper and easier way to get the benefits of carpet without the many drawbacks that a carpet can offer. For one, should a normal carpet start to show signs of wear and tear, you will usually simply have to replace the whole carpet. However, with carpet tiles you can get the plush carpet feeling under foot and create an attractive home or office, without worrying about wear and tear being an issue. With carpet floor tiles, each tile can easily be replaced, even for something as frivolous as a stain, all at an extremely low cost, and with almost no hassle whatsoever. It is also easy to keep a few on hand, spare, ready to change them the moment such an issue arises.

Should you choose a type that utilises double sided carpet tape, you may also be able to clean the carpet far more easily, simply taking up those cheap floor tiles and washing them by hand should it be easier. With normal carpets, dust and dirt may get ground in and be almost impossible to remove, yet, with tiles you can far more easily focus on getting them as clean as possible.

Not only are tiles far easier to put down in the first instance, but it is also possible to create more interesting flooring. For businesses this is especially appealing since flooring can be created that utilises all of the business colours, helping to brand any space even more and ensuring that a company don’t simply have to make do with one specific colour or pattern.

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