The Incentive to Undertake Health and Safety Training at Home

Applying and maintaining health and safety measures are prerequisite across all companies who operate within South Africa to ensure the safety of all personnel. Every business strives for the services of individuals or health safety consultants who are both qualified and knowledgeable in the area of health and safety to ensure all staff members receive the training to adequately adhere to company protocol, and ensure risk assessments are carried out on a continual basis to know where potential hazards are towards subsequent competency of handling all raised issues.

An alternative option is for individuals to take it upon themselves to undertake health and safety training in order to become qualified. As many companies who provide NEBOSH accredited courses now provide the option of distant learning, individuals can enrol whilst avoiding the unnecessary procedure of taking time away from work to complete the necessary lessons and subsequent exams. This is the perfect incentive to those who are already in employment to essentially add an extra string to their bow away from the workplace to show they have increased value to their employer; this can culminate in a promotion which is beneficial from career and financial perspective. Given the considerable importance of occupational health and safety, it can also save a company precious time away from main business operations to search for qualified professionals or consultants.

As occupational health and safety is a prominent job role in which many companies wish to employ a qualified candidate, individuals who are unemployed or are considering a change of career also have the incentive to undertake training that generates a NEBOSH certificate or diploma required towards further learning or improve their profile. Undertaking health and safety training from the comfort of a residential property can be the relaxing environment that individuals require in order to learn and take in the knowledge gained during the course, particularly for those who do not feel productive within a classroom.

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