Treat male pattern hair loss with Propecia

Since the dawn of the human race, the male of the species has suffered from pattern hair loss. For many men, it is a plain and simple fact of life, but not one that they are obliged to feel happy about. Some men pragmatically take hair loss in their stride. Others are extremely embarrassed and sensitive about it, particularly at ages when they had not expected to be follically challenged quite so soon in their life spans. Nowadays, Propecia hair loss treatment is the remedy chosen by many men wanting to take control of the situation and restore their crowning glory to its former glory.

Propecia hair growth tablets are solely produced for the male market and are therefore unsuitable for use by females suffering from hair loss problems. Propecia is not an off the shelf product and is available via prescription only. Therefore, men can either obtain their medication following an appointment with a local GP, or they can buy Propecia online after a consultation with a doctor at an online pharmacy.

This highly popular and well respected hair loss treatment tackles hair loss on the top of the head and around the mid-scalp area, so it is not prescribed to patients who are concerned about receding hairlines. It does its job by preventing what is known as DHT from forming in the body. DHT is a naturally occurring metabolite and the key contributor to male pattern hair loss. By interrupting the development of DHT, further hair loss in patients is stunted and new hair is allowed to grow.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, we have UK registered doctors at hand who are fully qualified to prescribe Propecia to male patients. Our responsible services are General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain registered, so patients are only offered the opportunity to buy Propecia after the completion of a free online consultation.

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