A SEO blog should not bring users down

There is a multiplicity of things to bear in mind when composing a blog for SEO purposes. It is often important to include some SEO news. However, mixing things up a bit is a shrewd move too. This may mean adding content outside the news category to keep users engaged. The problem is that one should not stray from the tastes and interests of the target audience. There are several other critical ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ which can distract the content producer from remembering to get their tone correct.

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Some consultancies occasionally forget that an effective search engine optimisation blog does not merely have to please Google, Bing and Yahoo. They produce blog posts and articles which have sufficient unique content to pass the test provided by the search engines. However, they neglect the point that the texts they manufacture have to satisfy the desires of readers. This failure can have several negative effects.

A blog post which is not written in the correct tone can damage site performance in various ways. Firstly, users may be put off by clunky sentences that lack any persuasive polish. Secondly, readers can be irritated by content that lacks enthusiasm for the goods and/or services which the site is interested in discussing. Thirdly, bad writing may prevent content being shared on social networks. Fourthly, if insufficient trouble is taken with the way the words are put together, then few comments will be left in response.

Of course, it is not just a matter of tone. The language used must be appropriate. Unexplained jargon will have readers departing for easier to read sites. Few of them will scrabble for a dictionary or make use of an online one; the internet has made us all impatient. The standard of literacy in any society varies. Hence content should be provided that everyone can read. It needs to be pitched at a level that is appropriate or users can become flummoxed.

Excessively long sentences will not make people feel comfortable. A good copywriter can describe complex things in simple phrases. In a similar way, a lack of blank space on a page will be detrimental to a site. If an article has too few paragraphs then it becomes problematic to decipher it.

Put simply, content that is written without sufficient care is depressing to read. Confronted by blocks of poorly constructed text, the average user will go elsewhere before they make a purchase. Nobody would advise someone to acquire a badly designed site, and a site that does not have well written material might as well have serious design flaws.

A blog post might not have long to make a good impression. Perhaps it makes sense to pay particular attention to the beginning and the end. If these flow properly, users may be convinced by the general points made in between.

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