Celebrating Spring with canvas printing

Spring has officially started, the sun is beginning to shine, birds are singing, the wasps and bees are starting to awake (okay, not a great thing), buds are emerging on trees and the spring flowers are bursting into bloom. This time of year provides a wonderful opportunity for photographers to capture nature at its finest. The low sun, unique cloud formations and the early stages of life fill everyone with joy and taking a picture of that moment is a great way to remember the feeling, transforming that via canvas printing will create a truly lasting memory.

The colourful array of crocus flowers is a particular highlight for photographers. The crocus is a common occurrence on greeting cards and there are pages and groups dedicated to the delicate flower on a number of photographic social network sites. They add a touch of colour to the previously stark landscape that the humble snowdrop creates. But a clear favourite, in no small part down to its Welsh roots, is the daffodil. The iconic yellow flower is like a beacon of hope for those who love the sun, it symbolises that summer is on its way. Capturing the beauty of the daffodil is relatively easy, as it is such a photogenic flower. The spring sun provides the ideal lighting so it is easy to focus and the yellow petals combined with the lush green leaves creates a striking frame. As daffodils often grow in large clumps it also means that you can create interesting effects by focusing close on one flower, with the background blurred, or alternatively adding photoshop effects to the images, with just the yellow flower remain in colour.

Lovers of spring, summer and the sun can remind themselves all year round of the wonderful creations of Mother Earth by using a canvas printing company to help the memories last forever. The winters may be cold and the summers may also be cold, but we are fortunate in the UK to be able to enjoy 4 seasons and the variety of flora and fauna that brings.


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