A puppy is going to need vaccinations and training

Getting a puppy is a big moment. Bringing that cute little dog home for the first time is so exciting. At this age they are just so adorable and lots of fun. However, owning a pet like this comes with big responsibilities. They need the right combination of diet, affection and exercise for a happy and healthy life.

At this stage in their development they are vulnerable to illness and disease. They need shots from the vet to protect them against health problems that they can contract out there in the big wide world. They need to have these before they go out for walks in the park, until then they need to be kept in. Puppy vaccinations are available from any local vet. They aren’t optional, this is an absolute must.

A new dog is going to need training. At first they need to be house trained. Newspaper will suffice and they will soon learn where they aren’t supposed to do their business. When they are ready for walks in the park they are going to need to learn how to behave when they are on and off the lead. They need to learn how to sit and stay and also to come back when called. Otherwise it could be a long night ahead!

There are usually classes available in the local area. They are always eager to please and soon learn some basic discipline and training. For most owners it’s usually a mix of tone of voice and reward to achieve the desired results. A well trained pet will be so much easier to manage and much more rewarding to own.

So anyone taking on a new dog should consider this checklist of basic responsibilities first. They need their shots and they need to be trained. Don’t take them on without commitment to this basic level of responsibility.

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