How Important is Physical Post?

As a business, no matter how appealing you make your emails, it is far too easy for customers to mark them as junk and delete them before they have even had chance to see what is inside. Unfortunately, SPAM is so prevalent on the net that, unless an email is expected, a huge majority of people will consign them to their junk mail before they have even really seen what it is.

On top of this, a huge majority of email services will not accept emails addressed to a vast number of recipients or even mark messages as junk very readily, meaning that the recipient may not ever even get the message in their inbox in the first place.

This means that, for those looking to utilise written marketing campaigns, bulk mailing is still going to be extremely important. Whether you send very attractive and appealing cards that will instantly catch the eye and instantly extol their own benefits or whether you send letters in envelopes that will need to be opened and therefore the contents always seen, the success rate of bulk mailing compared to email can be extremely significant.

However, email still has one benefit over physical post: cost. Not only is sending an email quicker, it is also very cheap, whilst the majority of businesses will not have the time or facilities to send a huge number of letters.

However, a mailing house can often do this for you for very little cost at all. As such, you can very quickly get the focussed direct marketing that you need without it having to eat into either your time or your profits in any significant way.

Direct mail is still extremely important for all businesses and, when utilising a mailing house, it can be a cost-effective way to reach the exact audience you need to without fear that it will be in their junk box before they even know they received it.

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