Checking Your Smoke Alarms

Checking smoke alarms isn’t just about giving them a try now and again. Instead, there is a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be done too, from changing batteries every year through to checking each and every smoke detector for signs of dirt, paint or anything else that may inhibit its ability.

Smoke alarms should be tested when you change your clocks. Whilst some will try to activate the smoke alarm with burning toast or pieces of burning paper to make sure it is working, regular use of the smoke sensors themselves may actually cause them to fail or work inefficiently in the case of a real fire. Therefore, instead, you should simply press the test button regularly to check the internal cicuitry and that the loud siren goes off.

It is not just the batteries that will need to be replaced regularly. Smoke alarms themselves will need to be changed around every ten years and it is important to make sure that all of the fire safety products you own have been professionally checked before you install them.

As with all fire safety products, you also need to ensure that you have the right quantity. As a minimum protection level you need to protect the escape route with smoke alarms (hallway, landings etc). You then need to consider installing smoke alarms in individual rooms to be able to detect fire as quickly as possible.

If any of your alarms start chirping or beeping, the batteries will need changing immediately. Should you notice any faults in any fire safety equipment, it is best to act as quickly as possible and make sure that you know which companies will deliver such replacement products quickly and efficiently.

Testing fire safety equipment is as important as locking the doors at night. Should you overlook such precautions, you are likely to be leaving yourself open to many great dangers, and dangers that can be so easily avoided.

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