London Car Hire

If you need to hire a car in the capital, you are in luck because there is a wide range of London car hire firms to choose from. All of the large national companies have braches spread throughout the capital. Most international car hire companies also have branches in London. In addition, there are many smaller local firms, some of whom offer a great car hire service. This means that if you are prepared to spend a bit of time doing some research you can save yourself a lot of money.

Researching London Car Hire

The internet is a good place to carry out your London car hire research. Most firms, including many of the small local firms, have their own website. The quality of those websites varies, but most allow you to read up about the service they offer and get a quote for the type of car you are interested in hiring.

If a firm does not provide proper details about the service, they offer on their website you should avoid using them. The service they offer may be fine, but if they are not open and honest about their terms and conditions you need to be wary of them. Plus, you should never book a hire car without reading the terms and conditions.

If you ask for a quote on a website, check exactly what is included in that quote. For example, some firms do not include VAT in their initial quotes.

If you need extras such as a child car seat you need to make sure that you use a company that offers them. Check how much hiring one will cost. Many hire companies also charge extra for things like sat nav systems.

When researching London car hire it is important that you check the type and scope of insurance you get. Most car hire firms only offer third party insurance; as a result, if you damage the car yourself you will have to pay in part for the damage. How much you have to pay varies from company to company, so you should check how much that is.

Sixt offer an excellent London car hire service. They have branches throughout the capital and offer a wide array of cars at great prices.