Van Hire London

Because of the current economic climate, the search term ‘van hire London’ is growing in popularity. More and more firms are finding that the costs of keeping their own van on the road are prohibitive. There are several reasons for this including the rising cost of fuel, permits, insurance, servicing and several other expenses.

However, many firms are struggling because the work that they do has become more intermittent. In the past, when they had work for practically the entire year, running their own vehicle made economic sense. Now hiring a vehicle for a few days or weeks at a time makes better economic sense for them.

Type of Van Hire London

There are several kinds of services being offered by van hire companies. Most companies still only offer predetermined contracts. By this, we mean you go to them and tell them that you want to hire a van for five days, they give you a price and if you agree you have to return the vehicle at the end of the five-day period. If the job takes longer than you expected or you get another job you have to make a new hire contract. These kinds of predetermined contracts are known as short-term contracts.

However, some of the better van hire companies now offer flexible contracts. These contracts make it possible for you to pay an annual fee and have access to a van more or less as and when you need it. This means that if you get a large job you simply call the van hire firm and give them an approximate idea of how long you need a hire van for. If later in the year, you experience a slack period you just simply do not use a hire van for that period. However, when you get another job you can access a hire van again, if you want to for days or weeks rather than months.

Because the service that each van hire London provider offers varies it is important to do your research. By shopping around you can save yourself a substantial amount of money.

Sixt van hire London operate out of 20 locations in the capital. They offer long term as well as short-term van rental.