Kremer Signs has a selection of the most visually-appealing estate agent boards that are certain to get your property noticed

—As the UKs leading supplier of estate agent boards to the property market Kremer Signs has the knowledge and experience to design, manufacture and deliver superior signage solutions to customers across the whole of the UK in a timely and affordable manner.

Given our philosophy of providing a friendly, personal and professional level of service at prices that simply won’t be matched by other competing businesses it is little wonder that we have undergone exponential growth throughout our history, and today stand firmly as one of the premier retailers of estate agent boards in the UK.

Originally established in 1985 Kremer Signs has grown from a single unit in Berkshire, and today we provide estate agent boards from three separate locations throughout the UK, giving us a total production capacity of excess of forty thousand square foot.

Indeed, this significant growth is solely due to the reputation that our estate agent boards, and indeed all the signage solutions that we provide, hold. We understand that in order for estate agent boards, and indeed all manner of signage solutions, to serve their purpose they must be eye-catching and visible in all manner of environments. All of the estate agent boards, and signage solutions that we offer, are individually-designed to fit the tailored requirements of our clients.

With the ability to accommodate most any request, whether you require a unique pantone colour, or indeed desire a photographic content on your estate agent boards, is one of the principal reasons why Kremer Signs has a service that is so sough-after. After all, as any estate agent understands their sign is a part of their brand, and once they have an instantly recognisable brand, the opportunity to market their service is ever-present.

If you’d like to find out any more information regarding the estate agent boards, or indeed the fascia or corporate signage that Kremer Signs can offer you then come to our website at:


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