Car Rental Manchester Airport

Every year Manchester airport handles over 18 million passengers and a large percentage of those passengers use a car rental Manchester airport service. Many business passengers pass through the airport on a semi regular basis. This means that the nine firms based at the airport have the opportunity to build a strong working relationship with many of their clients.

The fact that so many firms are working out of the airport or offer car hire services within the city of Manchester generates an air of competitiveness you do not find in all parts of the country. For the most part the fact that there exists so much competition has a positive impact for consumers. The service they get is consistently good and the prices they have to pay are competitive. Most firms periodically offer deals on certain types of vehicles to attract clients. This means that if you are prepared to do your research and shop around you can get an exceptionally good service for a very cheap price.

Finding the Best Car Rental Manchester Airport Deals

Luckily, by using the internet shopping around and finding the best deal need only take you between 30 min and an hour. How long it takes depends on how many firms you actually compare. The best firms have extremely good and easy to navigate websites.

Virtually all of them allow you to key in your arrival and departure dates and the kind of car you wish to hire and instantly get back a full quote. Remember to use exactly the same search criteria on each website, that way you will be comparing genuine like-for-like quotes. Double-check that each quote includes any extras you need such as child car seats or sat nav.

Before booking with a specific car rental Manchester airport firm double check the terms and conditions. In particular, look at how much the insurance excess is. Most insurance offered on car hire vehicles is only third party. Therefore, if the vehicle is damaged without the involvement of the third party, for example in a car park you need to bear in mind that you will have to pay part of the repair costs. How much you pay varies from company to company.


Sixt offers a comprehensive car rental Manchester Airport service. Their airport branch offers a huge range of cars at great prices.