Business leaders stress importance of Heathrow

Individuals who make use of London airport transfers and in particular Heathrow taxi services may be interested in comments made by the Chamber of Commerce. The organisation has stressed the importance of this transport hub as a means of boosting enterprise around the UK.

The organisation is urging the government to invest in Heathrow, which acts as a gateway to the rest of the world. Its comments came in the wake of research conducted by the Oxford Economics that emphasised the importance of international trade for firms based in a number of different regions.

For example, it suggested that £3.6 billion of exports from the north-east of England are dependent on air travel, the Journal reports.

President of the North East Chamber of Commerce John Mowbray said: “Encouraging increased trade between UK firms and overseas markets is vital to the rebalancing of the UK economy. While firms are being urged to trade with new partners in emerging markets, they are hindered by the lack of connections to these countries, in turn hurting both inward investment and Britain’s export potential.

“This is a real issue for the north-east as we have dozens of members that trade with or aspire to do business with the likes of Brazil, India and China.”

He went on to suggest that to support trade and the economy in this part of the UK, it is vital for companies to have easy access to other countries. Mr Mowbray added that in the near term, Heathrow must continue to be part of a solution to help the country’s trading links.

Many of those who use London airport transfers, including individuals who take advantage of Heathrow taxi services, are heading to or from the north-east of England for business purposes. Thanks to effective road and rail links, it does not take long to travel between the hub and this region.

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