Choosing Your Honeymoon

It is easy to think of honeymoons as a time for sun, sea and sand. However, whilst it is indeed nice to come back from a week or two away after your wedding looking bronzed and beautiful, the chances are that you are going to want to spend a great deal of your honeymoon locked away together and therefore the warm weather may suddenly not be as inviting as it might otherwise seem.

When choosing where to go on your honeymoon, consider which places might offer you the romance you need and rather than simply opting for a beautiful beach and a fortnight of sunshine, why not consider the areas of the world that will offer more unique beauty?

For instance, by heading north instead of south you may get to see the breathtaking sight of the aurora borealis and what better way to start your time together as a married couple than by seeing something so unique and magical. By choosing somewhere as opulent and beautiful as the Ice Hotel Sweden, for instance, you are not only going to get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, but you will have even more excuse to spend your time away cuddled up together.

By heading to the top of the world rather than the middle of it, you can get just that feeling: of being on top of the world. The unique experiences available are not limited to the aurora borealis either. There will be all manner of things to do such as ice and cave diving, skidooing, skiing, visiting thermal springs and all manner of adventures waiting that will be infinitely more special and romantic than sitting on a beach.

So, when choosing a honeymoon, don’t just go for the same old holiday as everyone else. Look at places such as the Ice Hotel Sweden and see how much more suitable the cold may be for romance.

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