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Well no one said it was going to be easy. Breaking into the world of acting takes talent, perseverance and perhaps a little slice of luck. Many of the biggest names in the business started small and got a little break in a small production or an advert. And that little break catapulted them onto bigger and better things. In acting the sky really is the limit.

Acting auditions can seem like a closed circle. It’s mysterious world that can be hard for people on the outside to break into. It’s difficult to get a break without a little inside help and knowledge, which hardly seems fair to those would be actors without the right connections.

Audition Now is a service that aims to help level the playing field for want to be actors looking to make it to more casting calls. It’s a text based service that provides alerts when acting auditions are taking place. For people without extensive contacts it’s a service that can help get them to the right place at the right time.

Of course there are no guarantees, but by keeping one step ahead of where casting calls are due to take place aspiring actors give themselves a better shot of landing that role or part. Who knows what could happen at that next audition?

Anyone using this text service needs to be aware that it is for over eighteens only and each text costs £1.50, with a limit of three texts per week. It’s a small outlay for a shot at the big time.

Why let those in the know snaffle all the best parts? Everyone deserves a shot at stardom and Audition Now could be the key to unlocking that glittering prize of work in acting. Careers beckon for those with the talent. Get a head start and shoot for the stars.

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