Nursery school utilises solar panels

The number of organisations and individuals making use of solar panels in Cardiff, solar panels in north Wales and so on is rising all the time as people seek ways of minimising their carbon footprints and lowering their energy bills.

Contributing to this trend towards greater use of such renewable technology, a nursery school has had a series of panels installed on its roof, Dinnington Today reports. Gainsborough Nursery School has had a total of 54 solar panels attached to it at a cost of £30,000.

The photovoltaic panels were paid for under Lincolnshire County Council’s sustainability initiative as part of a project to save money on its electricity bills and to teach youngsters about sustainable energy, as well as cutting the nursery’s carbon footprint.

Commenting on the development, head teacher Jo Noble said: “The panels mean that not only is future electricity free, but any excess is sold back to the National Grid providing an income stream for the school.”

Meanwhile, teacher Laura Harty noted that the panels are helping the children’s learning.

She remarked: “This half term we have been looking at change and growth. They have explored the different conditions needed for living things to grow and we have been teaching about the importance of sunlight.

“The introduction of our new solar panels will provide excellent opportunities for us to develop their knowledge and understanding of the environment and the natural world around them.”

Also responding to the scheme, a spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council stated that it will provide an income stream for the school that is guaranteed for 25 years under the government’s Feed-In Tariff.

This money generating initiative may be of interest to those thinking about getting solar panels in Cardiff, solar panels in north Wales and so on. The tariff is often one of the deciding factors when people are choosing whether or not to get panels for their homes.

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