Policewomen offered bra advice

These days, there are many different bras for people to wear, meaning they have plenty of choice when they are looking to stock up on such items of lingerie. This is good news for female police officers, who have been advised to purchase certain kinds of bra to wear while they are on duty.

Essex policewomen have been urged to refrain from wearing underwired versions in case they lead to more serious injury if the officers are shot. Force bosses suggested that the metal parts in these bras could be driven into the skin and cause more damage.

In a letter, managers said: “Although there is no such thing as a bullet-proof bra, a good comfortable fitted non-wired bra … would help prevent ballistic damage. Body armour has to be close fitting and you should wear a bra that does not contain metal objects.
You should not wear underwired bras as the metal can be driven into the skin causing more damage.”

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the force said health and safety officers supported the advice. The police force also suggested that the Home Office Scientific Development Branch have always advised officers that body armour should be close fitting and that hard objects, such as metal buttons, badges and so on, should never be placed beneath the armour.

However, one unnamed female constable revealed she was surprised by the suggestions. She commented: “It’s a bit bizarre, as while obviously our safety is being taken seriously, the chances of getting shot in Essex are very small.”

Policewomen can now source new items of lingerie in a variety of ways and many choose to buy the items over the web. This form of shopping can be highly convenient and enable them to make the most of better deals than they would find on the high street.

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