A more nimble kind of forklift truck

The warehouse is at the heart of the business operation. It’s always a hive of activity as warehouse staff hustle to pick customer orders ready for dispatch by the delivery drivers. The workhorse of the warehouse is undoubtedly the fleet of forklift trucks.

Without these trusty units it would be impossible to move pallets and crates around. Forklift trucks help to keep the warehouse running efficiently. Many warehouse managers are faced by problems caused by space restrictions. Especially if there’s a period of overstocking.

Not all fork lift trucks are designed to negotiate narrow aisles in the warehouse. However, there are manufacturers out there who have thought around this problem and produce trucks that are small and nimble enough to operate in restricted spaces. This is great news for hard pressed warehouse managers who are left scratching their heads when confronted by this problem.

Two of the leading manufacturers in this field are Bendi and Flexi. Their fork lift trucks have been designed with space limitations in mind. They help provide a work around to this common problem.

At Bexi they stock a great range of these trucks both new and used. No matter what kind of warehouse problem they are up against and what kind of budget they have, managers can find a great little truck that can operate in a crowded environment.

Warehouse space is at a premium. The team at Bexi understand this. They’ve put together one of the largest ranges of Bendi and Flexi trucks in the UK to give warehouse managers the biggest choice when it comes to finding a suitable truck for this kind of environment.

Thanks to Bexi worrying about those space restrictions will become a thing of the past. Customers can check out the website to find out more or visit in person to view the stock.

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