Benefits of UPVC Fascias for Windows

Windows and doors are important installations across all residential and commercial properties to ensure individuals can gain access to exit a building and provide a source of ventilation to let fresh air circulate whilst removing humidity. Although both require the integration of security measures via locks and full-proof sealant, the former also allow for natural light to enter a building during the hours of morning and afternoon whilst preventing unwanted intruders from accessing a property from the exterior. Traditional forms of window were fitted with wooden fascias which acted as a sturdy frame in which a glass pane is held securely to ensure protection against adverse weather conditions; the aesthetic qualities within the tones and grain of wood were an additional design feature within any household. Wood has now been effectively replaced with UPVC fascias which were introduced in conjunction with double-glazing windows to provide numerous benefits to all properties.

Although double-glazing in itself provides advantages over single pane windows towards the protective qualities against letting cold air or adverse weather conditions enter a property, plastic facia boards are valued as a cost-effective investment within the fitting of windows and doors. The majority of newly built properties are now constructed with UPVC fascias due to their strong durable and robust nature to withhold many elements which may affect the interior and exterior framework. The durability and consistency of plastic replaces woods which, although matures over a period of time, can become warped and rotten, particularly when wet, which can become unpractical and non-repairable. While wood can become unattractive and unappealing once it is damaged or affected by internal and external elements, plastic fascia boards maintain their professional finish to ensure all window and door frames look discreet and high in quality.

Although wood holds one advantage over plastic in that homeowners can paint their window frames to incorporate a colour scheme throughout a property that matches other areas such as roofline or piping, modern forms of fascia incorporate UPVC which provides a vibrant white finish and eradicates any requirement for maintenance or repair which illustrates its cost-effective benefits.

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