Going Plastic

Plastic was once met with scepticism and distrust as people believed all manner of old wives tales about the seemingly alien material. However, now that our society is extremely comfortable using plastic in all its forms, the benefits of going plastic for all kinds of different items are finally starting to be realised.

Not only can plastic be a far more durable material than almost any other on the market, but it can also be a great deal easier and cheaper to produce and in many ways extremely beneficial to the environment.

Plastics can do everything from keeping us comfortable to improving energy efficiency in many different ways, and for businesses there are often some surprising areas where plastics can help improve services and products whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

For example, many businesses still produce the likes of nuts and bolts from metal when plastic nuts and plastic bolts are going to be far more effective and far more efficient. So long as both the thread and the bolt are plastic (using one solution that is metal and another plastic is likely to lead to threading problems), using plastic to make such products will not just make your products more durable and easier to assemble, but it will also reduce shipping costs at the same time.

Plastic nuts and plastic bolts are also simply going to make any product more effective in the long run too. Whilst metal nuts and bolts may seize up, need oiling or be affected by temperature or moisture, there will be no such problems with a plastic solution, making them easy to use, no matter how long they have been in operation for.

From the smallest screws to the largest products, plastic can be a far cheaper, far more environmentally friendly and far more productive way of producing almost any item.

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