More medics on bikes in Cambridgeshire

When people experience medical emergencies, it is vital that they receive help from experts with first aid equipment quickly. The faster specialists are able to respond to such scenarios, the more likely it is that patients will recover.

With this in mind, a scheme that involves medics travelling to emergencies on bikes is being expanded in Cambridgeshire.

According to reports in the Cambridge News, the number of specially equipped St John Ambulance bikes in the county will rise to six this summer. At present, there are four in use. The purpose-built Rockhopper bicycles contain a range of equipment, including defibrillators, oxygen masks and much more.

The decision to boost the number of bikes on the roads in the area came after a £6,275 grant was awarded as part of a NatWest CommunityForce competition. The St John Ambulance Cambridgeshire Cycle Response Unit decided to acquire the additional transport.

First aiders travelling on the bikes can administer treatment to people suffering from a variety of problems. Whether the individuals experience simple wounds, life-threatening injuries, heart attacks or anything else, these medical practitioners can help.

The advantage of bikes is the fact that they enable riders to beat traffic jams and often they can get to the scenes of emergencies faster than ambulances, treating and stabilising individuals before reinforcements arrive.

Commenting on the new bikes, Wayne Badcock, cycle response co-ordinator for St John Ambulance in Cambridgeshire, noted that they are now being built.

He added: “They will carry the same kit as existing units, allowing us to treat many first aid emergencies of varying degrees on the spot, but we are also planning to add Entonox, a pain-relieving gas, which will enable the riders to make sure patients are even more comfortable while waiting for back-up units.”

Mr Badock went on to describe the development as “great news” for people in the area.

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