The magic of Sky Plus

Some people remember the 1980s fondly. It was a brash decade when everything changed, some would say for the better, others the worse. Video recorders became affordable and soon homes up and down country sported these exciting technological marvels. Suddenly it was possible to record TV at the touch of a button.

Well not quite. Recording a show was straightforward, but it was programming the unit to come on while out for the evening or away on holiday that was the tricky part. It seemed like a minor miracle to get it to work after fiddling with all of those buttons.

For anyone who had to contend with this ritual Sky Plus seems a lot simpler. How can it be so straightforward? Well it’s not witchcraft! Just seamless modern technology that makes recording so easy. Just one click from the Sky Plus remote is all it takes. Anyone can do it. What’s so great about it is the feature to record an entire series. Where would people be without their trusty Sky remote and digibox?

These days no one has to miss their favourite TV programme. Recording makes viewing any time easy. In fact TV feels so much more on demand than it ever used to. The Sky Plus remote and associated technology is almost making the concept of channels totally redundant.

It’s incredible to think how dependent everyone has become on that trusty Sky remote. Better not lose it or there’ll be trouble! For anyone in a jam who has lost their unit or broken it, it’s reassuring to know that Buyme stock official replacement models and can ship them the same day that they receive customer orders. The entire home entertainment system now revolves around that unit. The system won’t work with it. It pays to keep Buyme’s details to hand just in case.

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