Interior decorating can be a fun and rewarding hobby.  Completing a project can leave you with an immense sense of accomplishment.  But before you embark upon any project, you should make sure you have all the necessary decorating tools.  Projects can become quite frustrating without them.  Along with the obvious tools like a screwdriver, hammer or spanner, there are various other items that should be included in your interior decorating tool kit.

Before embarking on your project, it’s likely that you’ll have to measure the space.  Measuring is vital in order to calculate how much paint or wallpaper you’ll need for a project, or to see if the furniture you wanted will fit in the room.  Therefore, a tape measure should an essential part of your interior decorating tool kit.  You should also consider including a spirit level for hanging paintings or shelves.

A few pairs of scissors should be included with your decorating tools.  One pair should be for cutting fabric only.  This is because other items can blunt the scissors and cause them to fray the fabric when you try to cut it.  A box cutter is also invaluable.  You may also want to include a utility knife along with spare blades, and a hacksaw for any woodworking tasks.

A lot of interior decorating tasks involve sticking things together.  A glue gun, along with extra glue sticks, is especially useful as it allows any gluing jobs to be undertaken quickly and easily.  Spray mount is also useful for decoupage, and a staple gun can be used for reupholstering.  It can even be useful to have a needle and thread along with your other decorating tools.

Interior decorating can be extremely satisfying.  Taking some time to prepare your kit of decorating tools can help you get the most out of any project.