Keep the bathroom warm and heat towels too

Life is full of stress and pressure. Work and family are of course hugely rewarding, but every so often people need to escape, if only for half an hour. Everyone needs some “me” time to recharge and unwind. The bathroom is one of life’s little havens. When the door locks the pressures of the outside world are shut out for a little while at least.

A good bathroom should be stylish, warm and luxurious. The choice of suite has a huge bearing on the look and feel, but it’s the little extras that count too. On a day when it’s cold outside there’s no better feeling than a lovely long hot bath followed by getting dry with a nice warm towel.

Heated towel rails are a great touch. They add a little extra luxury that people can appreciate and enjoy every day. No one wants a cold bathroom so as well as heated towel rails people need to give consideration to radiators too.

Bathroom radiators are there for function, but they also contribute to the overall style and look of the room. Thankfully designers appreciate this and have put together ranges of designer bathroom radiators that add extra appeal to the most important room in the house.

Any style conscious shopper thinking about revamping their bathroom should take a look at what is on offer over at SMR Bathrooms. They offer a range of practical and stylish options for heating up the bathroom and keeping the towels nice and warm. There’s something for any taste and any budget.

Good bathroom design and functionality is all about attention to detail. Make sure that bathroom is nice and warm with every little luxury catered for. SMR Bathrooms is the perfect place to shop for heating solutions and all of those little bathroom extras.

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