How can a motoring lawyer help?

Regardless of the level of seriousness of motoring offences, it always makes sense to contact motoring solicitors to ensure the best outcome for you. Road traffic offences can range significantly in severity, from being charged with being on the road with a broken headlight, to drink driving.

What are the benefits of choosing a motoring lawyer to assist you?

1. Expert advice
One of the main reasons you should opt for a specialist motoring lawyer is that they can provide expert knowledge and experience on all forms of traffic offences. This can be particularly helpful where the law is complex.

2. Impartial view
Motoring solicitors can look at your case with an impartial legal eye. In doing so, you will learn the best approach in your individual circumstances. There will be some traffic offences that will warrant a guilty plea whilst others, with a well presented case, could see the charges being dropped.

3. A fair process
A motoring lawyer will ensure that the case is handled justly. Often the prosecution will take shortcuts when looking at the technical aspects of a case if the defendant is not represented by an expert solicitor. It is also common for unrepresented individuals to be issued with a more severe penalty than they could have achieved with a qualified solicitor. Penalties can vary significantly but motoring solicitors can ensure that the outcome is fair. The court prefers a defendant to be represented by someone who understands the legal process, as this ensures the proceedings are handled with speed and efficiency.

4. Free advice
No matter what the charge, you can also expect a free initial consultation so that you can be sure a motoring lawyer can help.

At Cunninghams Solicitors, we offer a specialist team of motoring solicitors who can ensure you achieve the best outcome for your case.

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