The UK isn’t exactly known for its winter sports. The kids of Newquay and every other surf town might have hung up their wetsuits and shut up the surf shop until the next season, but that’s not to say that the UK has nothing to offer when it comes to winter extreme sports and activities.

Gorge Walking
One thing the brilliant UK has in abundance is soggy, jagged, harsh inland landscape. Gorge walking is a group activity for safety reasons, however don’t go expecting too much aid from guides. The average challenging gorge walk lasts a full day and is essentially all about an individual’s resilience and stamina in donning wetsuits and lifejackets before heading out across whatever wet, slippery, dangerous landscape challenges lie ahead.

Similarly to gorge walking, coasteering involves getting wet and battered across the landscape. A mix of swimming, rock-climbing, endurance and a little bit of cliff jumping, coasteering enthusiasts are up for the challenge of traversing along the coast via whatever means necessary. For safety reasons, coasteering is recommended to be done in groups with an experienced guide.

Snowboarding and Skiing
Whilst the UK’s ski tourism industry is lacking to say the least, it is possible to ski fairly regularly in parts of Scotland. Checking weather updates and allowing for an impromptu trip is generally the best way to seek a bit of snow. Most resorts offer equipment hire. Local ski shops can sometimes offer better rates though so shop around online or by telephone before committing.

Filling the winter months until the surf shop re-opens its doors needn’t mean a few months of TV! With a little research and ingenuity, even the brutal British landscape and weather can offer some truly inspiring and challenging activities for the extreme sports enthusiast.