Kids and Sport: Safe Surfing

Introducing the kids to any extreme sport is to be done with caution (no matter how confident they might seem about donning their new XCEL Infinity winter wetsuit and getting out into the British sea for a session of exhilarating coasteering!)
Aside from kitting them out in brand-leaders like XCEL kids wetsuits, instilling the elemental respects and precautions needed to head out into any open water is vital in safeguarding kids against the perils of water sports.

Surf Safety
Never practice water sports with kids on a beach where there is no lifeguard. Before even a tentative paddle in the icy British waters, run through beach safety standards such as flag meanings, signs and distress signals.
Waves look pretty fun from a distance, but breakers can cause serious injury. Ensure kids have a full understanding of the dangers faced by spending a little time board-free in the water together exploring.
Rip tides are the fear of many a parent. The most important move to teach kids it to remain calm, as most drowning occurs due to fatigue. Attempting to swim back to shore will exhaust even the toughest adult. Kids should allow the rip to carry them as effortlessly as possible whilst raising their arm and trying to attract attention. Lifeguards are trained to spot just such an emergency.

It’s a cruel twist that Britons escape the dangers of sunburn… only to be confronted with the cruel slap of windburn throughout the year! Wetsuits like the XCEL Infinity provide protection against windburn and sunburn. During summer, experts recommend kids wear a wetsuit regardless of weather as an act of basic safety.

Equipment Maintenance
Investing in XCEL kids wetsuits is a waste of time without proper care. Set aside adequate time to run through the proper wetsuit and board care tools, products and processes.

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