Unusual car insurance claims revealed

Individuals who take out long or short term car insurance, including one day car insurance, sometimes have to make claims. These vary considerably in nature and, as one firm has revealed, some are positively bizarre.

Admiral noted that, over the last two years, animals have featured prominently in the more unusual claims made by its customers. For example, one motorist’s car was destroyed when a nest of mice chewed through its leather interior.

Another driver crashed into a telephone pole while attempting to swat a fly that had made its way into the car.

Meanwhile, one unlucky individual collided with a bollard after the front passenger in the vehicle pulled up the handbrake because she mistook it for a puppy that had jumped down from her lap.

Peacocks were another source of problems. The insurer noted that four out of the 12 most unusual claims involved these feisty creatures attacking cars. For example, one of the birds clawed a vehicle after seeing its reflection in the paintwork.

Commenting on these A-typical incidents, the firm’s Dave Halliday said: “We asked our claims handlers to tell us about any unusual claims they had dealt with that really stood out for them and found that animals featured in the most memorable ones.

“Although amusing to read about now, any incident is distressing for those involved and our handlers are trained to be understanding and professional. However, it goes to show car insurance is not always as dull as you may think.”

Consumers who take out short term car insurance, including one day car insurance, are generally keen to avoid making claims, but it is impossible to foresee and prevent all possible problems, as unusual cases like this demonstrate. However, by being careful, they can minimise the risk that they will run into difficulties when they are out and about on the roads.

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