How to Save Money on Parking in the Big City

If you live in a big city, you will know that sometimes finding a space to park your Nissan Juke can be a nightmare! City parking is difficult to find and will cost you money every time. Parking fees don’t seem like a huge expense at the time, but they will add up over the year and make a big difference in your budget.

Download a Parking App

Do you want to make parking easier and cheaper? There’s an app for that. Well, several actually.

Parking Mate is an app which will use GPS to tell you where the safest parking spots are close to your location. When you park, you can set it to keep track of how much time you have left on the metre and send you a notification so that you don’t waste money on parking tickets.

Another app is iSpotSwap which monitors parking spots and tells you when others are leaving so that you can swoop right in and snag their prime spot. The Nissan Juke has an advantage when it comes to parking because of its compact frame. You will be able to squeeze your Nissan Juke into parking spots which could not accommodate a larger SUV.

Another great app is Parker which will guide you to free parking spots and even allow you to make advanced reservations at parking garages.

These apps not only help you avoid paying for tickets, they will also save you money on petrol because you will not spend so much time driving around looking for somewhere to park your Nissan Juke.

Park Outside of the City Centre

Another trick in huge cities is to park your Nissan Juke on the outskirts of a city and then take the subway into the downtown core. This usually takes the same amount of time as it would have if you tried to drive into the city centre and find a spot and the parking will be at least 60-80% cheaper.

Parking in the big city can be expensive, but there are many ways that you can find cheaper spots to park your Nissan Juke and save some money.

Here are a few tips and helpful apps which will ensure that you find a cheap parking spot for your Nissan Juke in the big city.