Differences Between Job Agencies and Recruitment Services

Many individuals across the United Kingdom who find themselves unemployed strive to find any potential opening or vacancy within the work sector to either enjoy a successful career within their respective industry of choice in which they hold the required qualifications and skills, or find employment in any sector to generate an income in order to afford the cost of living. On the other side of the coin, many companies may require launching a recruitment process for a multitude of purposes, such as expanding employee numbers to combat a fluctuating business or adequately replace a singular or multiple numbers of individuals who may have resigned or moved on to pastures new. Companies who find themselves in either situation have the option of choosing a job agency or recruitment service in order to advertise health and safety jobs and find the best candidates.

Due to the importance which is entailed in the position as an officer or a first aid leader, occupational health and safety jobs must be advertised within the right channels in order to adhere to legal requirements and ensure the workplace remains a safe environment to work in. Numerous job agencies, who operate in a commercial property or online, or both, create strong relationships with local, regional and national companies in order to instantly list any job vacancies once they become available to provide an expansive service to the general public. Their expansive nature ensures individuals who are unemployed or are seeking a change in career has a considerable quantity of vacancies across a multitude of business industries at their disposal in which to apply for. Although this system remains functional and practical, its expansive nature does not ideally suit companies who precisely advertise health and safety jobs, or require qualified personnel to be immediately placed in the workforce.

Bespoke recruitment services within occupational health and safety jobs ensure all clients who acquire their consultancy receive specialist knowledge and advice, in addition to critical analysis of each individual vacancy which is then cross-referenced with registered candidates who can be put in placement straight away. Unlike traditional job agencies, specialist recruitment services ensure the most suitable candidates to adequately fill any vacancy are provided within 72 hours of receiving notice of an available position which significantly benefits both company and employee to begin a prosperous working relationship.

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