What Clothes Should You Take on a Cruise?

One of the things that make cruises great is that they are totally different to other holidays. While this makes for an interesting and unique holiday experience, it can lead substantial packing stress! It’s not enough to just pack a few T-shirts, a swimming costume and some flip flops when you go on a cruise. There are many factors to consider:

• Make sure you know what type of cruise you are going on before you pack. Certain cruises have formal dress codes. On formal cruises, you will be required to wear a suit or cocktail dress for dinner. However, some cruises are more informal. On informal cruises, you can generally pack what you would take on a regular holiday, although you might want to take some smarter clothes for the evening.

• Most cruise liners will have an on board swimming pool and will stop at various coastal locations. You should therefore take some swimming costumes and comfortable sandals. However, you may also want to consider some more formal items to cover up with for when you dine or have a drink.

• If your cruise is going to stop in more rugged locations, it can be a good idea to pack some good shoes and clothes that you feel comfortable walking in.

• Many cruises have on board gyms and sporting facilities. If you want to partake in these activities on your trip, be sure to pack some comfortable trainers and workout wear.

• Not all cruises go to hot and sunny destinations. Make sure you check the weather forecast for the destinations you will be visiting on your cruise. You may need to pack a rain mac, some jeans and even a jumper.

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