Create Beautiful and Original Designs with Glass Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for something extra special for your home interior designs then you should consider glass mosaic tiles. These beautiful and unique tiles offer you the chance to create stunning designs for the perfect backdrops to your kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and more.

Imaginative Designs

There are a great range of glass mosaic tiles available featuring many different colours, shapes, patterns and sizes. This should enable you to get beautiful and original designs from geometric patterns through to imaginative murals.

Glass mosaic tilesoffer a great deal of variety and creativity to homeowners that can help you to build stunning rooms that truly reflect your tastes. They offer a hardwearing, easy to maintain surface that will last a long time and look great for many years to come.

Types of Glass Tiles

There are several types of glass mosaic tiles on the market. These vary in terms of cost, finish and availability. In most cases you will need to balance your choices against your budget and by shopping around you can get some great deals on tiles such as:

· Fused– these types of glass mosaic tiles are one of the most cost effective as they are made from regular flat glass. Tiles are cut from sheets of glass and then finished in a furnace. They can be manufactured in a range of lovely finishes including opaque tones or complete transparency. One of the main benefits of fused glass mosaic tiles is that they can be made to almost any shape and size and this really opens up the design process.

· Smalti – Smalti tiles are highly decorative and available in a range of bright colours. They are made by mixing glass paste with pigments which is then fired in a furnace and then rolled into a flat slab. The tiles shapes are then cut from this slab. Smalti glass mosaic tiles are typically only available in small rectangle or glass tiles so they are not quite as versatile as fused tiles when it comes to more unusual design processes. They also tend to be more expensive as the manufacturing process is more involved.


Glass mosaic tiles are a wonderful way to bring originality into your home interior design schemes. These tiles are available in lots of lovely colours and patterns.