Strengthening pound cuts holiday costs

When people are planning holidays, they are often eager to benefit from the best deals around. This is why there is such high demand for cheap airport parking and airport hotels, for example. Meanwhile, when it comes to the breaks themselves, consumers tend to seek out bargains.

In news that may be welcomed by UK consumers, Post Office Travel Money noted that the strengthening pound is benefiting holidaymakers who are keen to head to travel within Europe.

For example, those intending to travel to the Hungarian capital of Budapest this spring will benefit from a rise in sterling of around 19 per cent since this time last year.

Other great value destinations identified by the firm were Riga in Latvia, Prague and Budapest.

The cheapest destination in the eurozone was the Estonian capital of Tallinn, were prices were down 5.1 per cent year-on-year.

Post Office head of Travel Money Andrew Brown said: “This year’s City Costs Barometer shows clearly how the prices tourists will pay on a city break are inextricably linked to the value of sterling against individual currencies. In Budapest, local prices are level with those a year ago but costs for UK tourists have fallen and this is the result of a 19 per cent strengthening of the UK pound against the Hungarian forint.”

He went on to say that the strengthening of the UK pound against other currencies in Europe is “good news” for people planning city breaks because it means they can keep their spending down. The expert went on to recommend keeping a close eye on this variable.

As long as they are careful when they book their vacations abroad and make sure they select a destination that will offer them great value for money, consumers should be able to make their money stretch. The same applies when they are seeking Newcastle airport parking, Birmingham airport parking and so on.

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