Crack down on holiday truancy

Many parents around the UK take their children out of school to head off on holidays. This is because it is often cheaper and more convenient to do so. During the school holidays, prices shoot up, making the cost of getting away much higher.

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However, their attempts to remove their youngsters from classes to take holidays may backfire thanks to new rules being implemented by the government.

At present, there are powers to fine parents who interrupt their children’s schooling. Mums and dads can be charged £50 for truancy. However, head teachers can exercise their own judgement about this and the only action available against those who refuse to pay is through the courts.

However, the government has announced new rules under which fines will rise to £60, doubling to £120 for those who fail to pay within 28 days. Also, money can be taken from child benefit if it is not paid by the parents.

Head teachers do still have to make the final judgement though, meaning the sanctions are not automatic.

¬commenting on the issue, truancy advisor Charlie Taylor said: “Children have on average eight days off a year for sickness and medical appointments. If on top of that they take an annual two-week holiday then by the time they leave at 16 they will have missed nearly a year of school. This needs to change.”

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