Value for money vinyl flooring

Putting down any kind of flooring is a big decision. Any solution needs to be durable and affordable, especially if the flooring is going to be laid in a commercial setting. It has to be able to withstand daily wear and be resistant to spills and mishaps. No one wants to be replacing flooring over and over again, they’ll want flooring that is made to last.

Karndean flooring ticks all of the right boxes for would be buyers in the market. It’s affordable and versatile, too. This vinyl flooring can be put down in a huge variety of settings and environments. It wears well and is resistant to spillages. No wonder it’s the ideal solution for so many different types of customer all looking for that mix of practicality, durability and value for money.

Customers are looking for added value right now. Budgets are tight and people are watching their spending at the moment. Price isn’t the only factor in making a decision, but it’s one of the biggest during these tougher times and that’s perfectly understandable.

Every Floor Limited stock many value for money tiles and flooring solutions from Karndean – all under one roof.

Thanks to Every Floor Direct, customers can stretch their budget that bit further. They have options and ranges that will suit any kind of environment and any budget, too. Once laid it will look great and will last for a very long time; therefore, it’s exactly what people are looking for. There really is no need to pay over the odds for a quality solution that is up to the task.

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