Toe the employment law line when requiring staff overtime

It is far from unusual, in this day and age or in any day and age, for businesses to require their staff to work overtime. In many cases, this is taken as par for the course by monthly salaried staff who are more than happy to give a little extra in order to ensure optimum company profitability and achieve personal progression. Of course, overtime also brings with it financial incentive. Other staff on hourly rates are often delighted to do the same for extra pay. However, employers and their human resources personnel are advised to familiarise themselves with employment law in relation to legally acceptable weekly working hours when requiring their staff to work over, and above, core hours. Many businesses benefit tremendously from using outsourced human resources services to help them formulate comprehensive and legal company policies and staff contracts.

Legally binding and professional contracts of employment will form agreements between employers and their employees with regards to expectations about overtime obligations. Most contracts stipulate core working hours and also specify that employees might be asked to work reasonable additional hours as befit specific businesses needs and objectives. Failure to clarify such expectations from the onset can cause confusion, conflict and even employment tribunal action by staff members who feel they are being unfairly treated. Workers with fixed child care arrangements who need to adhere to regular core hours, for example, are often protected by employment law if they feel their employers are making unreasonable and unfeasible demands regarding overtime.

At NorthgateArinso, our employment law and human resources services offer businesses peace of mind that they are operating within the law when requesting additional hours from their workers. We help achieve this by ensuring staff contracts and company policies cover all the right bases. We guide them through dealing with grievances of staff concerned about any additional hours they’re asked to work in a professional and legal manner.

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