Respond Effectively to Changes in the Drinks Industry

The UK’s licensed drinks trade is becoming an increasingly difficult landscape to navigate for many businesses, but specialist licensing solicitors can provide guidance. Besides the huge competition within the industry, businesses face challenges from beyond their rivals. City Councils across the country are having to tackle anti-social behaviour that is associated with the night-time economy at a time when their budgets are being slashed, having an impact on the resources of front line services.

Authorities are having to think up new solutions and adapt licensing laws to enable resources to be best allocated in order to continue tackling crime, and to try and move the British drinking culture away from its ‘Boozed up Brits’ image. There are the plans to introduce minimum alcohol cost requirements by the current government, a tactic that has been employed in Scotland and trialled by some local authorities in England, too.

Other local councils, such as those in Liverpool and Scarborough, have introduced Cumulative Impact Policies on certain areas within a city or town that have a particularly high density of licensed premises: this policy works alongside existing licensing laws to make sure any new licensed premises will not negatively impact an area by placing more stringent requirements on new establishments, with the aim of making areas easier to manage for emergency services. Critics will judge any new policy the Government or Council introduces, but ultimately it is up to businesses to adapt.

Even seasoned landlords and ladies might be left confused as to what new measures might mean for the future, so turning to licensing solicitors to help make sense of it all is a wise step. They can provide assistance on new license applications, renewals or help contest revoked licenses. With in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of laws and procedures, they can help a business stay afloat in the ever-evolving and increasingly tough industry.

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