The Modernization of the Bridal Registry

Before the internet became the universal tool that it now is, an engaged couple’s bridal registry would most likely be held by a single department store, with the items chosen as wedding gifts stocked and supplied from their catalogue. The digitalization of bridal registries provides couples with increased options when choosing the items that will help set up a home. Internet search engines function as directories for shoppers, allowing them to browse and compare similar products from multiple online sources, something particularly attractive to those starting a home and family from scratch and needing everything from tableware to linens.

The threat that changing trends pose to traditional department stores’ bridal registry services is apparent from the tactics some stores employ to try and win back custom. These include “Sip and Scan” nights, where couples can browse their stores after-hours, plied with drinks and nibbles to help stimulate imaginations and spending when looking for wedding gifts.

However, these department stores are paddling against a tide that cannot be turned. Online services exist that provide the capacity to compile a registry from various retailers, viewable on a single page by the wedding guests who will be making the purchases. This gives the couple choosing the gifts, and indeed the guests buying them, an altogether much more efficient service. This digital cataloguing helps to resolve problems that would otherwise arise from guests living far away, and eliminates the potential for duplicate purchases of the same gift.

Homeware brands such as Denby willingly pander to changing trends, and often feature bridal sections on their websites that offer advice and allow quick browsing of multiple products. With a vast range of kitchenware, for instance, you can then focus on niches within those ranges – in this case maybe appliances, or tableware – and shoppers can compile their selections for guests to view and choose from at their leisure.

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