Worktops needn’t ever be expensive thanks to us

Purchasing superb worktops shouldn’t be costly at all when the assistance of a leading company is selected. Thanks to our support, expert satisfaction has been supplied on each and every occasion. When the impressive number of worktops which we’ve made available to many is taken into consideration, this is hardly surprising.

In all, we offer multiple worktops which live and breathe quality. A prime example includes our beech worktops. With a prominent grain, these beech worktops create a superb work surface which is difficult to find elsewhere. Constructed from 40mm staves, they can be supplied unfinished. With a distinct character that impresses all of those who see and use it, a beech worktop is bound to get better with age. As well as being provided in an unfinished style, they can be supplied fully sanded too with a smooth 150 grit finish. No matter what is expected, the prices which are charged for these worktops are never expensive whatsoever. Compared to what a shop on the high street charges, these worktops are 75% cheaper. Therefore, your budget won’t be surpassed at any point.

Also popular are our Iroko worktops. Manufactured from an African timber which has a striking look, Iroko worktops are regarded as being a hard wearing surface. With a dark appearance which will improve over time, the high oil content in an Iroko worktop allows for it to be viewed as being a superb kitchen countertop. Best of all, the prices which are charged in order to purchase an Iroko worktop are never expensive. So, your means won’t be exceeded and this has proven to be very popular.

If you would like to acquire further information about our worktops, contact us sooner rather than later. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make the right decision.

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