Most dogs prefer kennels

Whereas smaller dogs are perfectly happy indoors it’s a different story for their larger counterparts. Big dogs and small houses just don’t go well together. There’s not enough room for everyone. That kind of environment can be very restrictive and limited for one of the larger breeds.

It might seem strange to some owners, given just how spoilt some pets have become, but dogs are perfectly happy being kept outside. Dog kennels give them the comfort and shelter that they need at night without them having to sleep in the house.

It might seem old fashioned, but in many respects it’s much healthier for the dog and they are far happier with a dog kennel than being kept inside. It’s not old school or cruel. Pets don’t need to be pampered, clothed and made over. They just need good solid care for their basic needs.

Dog kennels can be fun and stylish too. They come in all kinds of different style and designs. With the dog outside everyone indoors can relax and stretch out a little bit without a huge hound in the way.

Not every pet store will have stock a dog kennel these days, but plenty of specialist retailers will. Take ideas-4-pets for example. They cater for pet owners who appreciate what is best for their dogs. There’s a nice selection of different kennels for any breed and any budget.

It’s time to get a grip again. No more jewelled collars and dog gyms. Just good sensible back to basics love and care that gives dogs what they need. Most dogs will love having their own kennel outside. A nice cosy and comfortable space that is just for them. Just what they need for comfort and security. Maybe it’s time to review their sleeping arrangements because they don’t belong indoors and certainly not on the beds!

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