A prop hire service that meets all expectations

If you are currently looking for props for a creative project that youíre involved in, knowing who to ask for assistance from could be difficult especially if multiple props are needed. Courtesy of our extensive experience which has been gained ever since we were formed in 1830, we are rightfully seen as being the first choice of many especially as we stock over 500,000 props.

Our prop hire assistance is ideal for those who work in film and theatre. You donít even have to be part of a creative project at all because our prop hire service is perfect for weddings and parties as well. You might be wondering right now about what props are actually available courtesy of our assistance?

The answer to the aforementioned is that there is a strong possibility that the props which you wish to have will be provided. For example, if you need medieval props there is a substantial number which is stocked. If you require tables, a black bear, a suit of armour, a chicken wheelbarrow or even an executioners axe these are some of the many medieval props that are available. Even if your party is to have a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, multiple props can be hired such as a caged skeleton, a large iron anchor, a pirate chest and a cannon. As we prefer to ask for highly affordable sums of money at all times, there is no need to choose anyone else when you want a prop hire service which delivers what it promises.

Located just off the A10 in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, all of our props are stored in our warehouse. Even if you cannot find what you are looking for, we are able to create what you need. If you want to know more, contact us.

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