Safety in Education

There is a strange dichotomy when to comes to safety in education. Potential threats are rising all the time and yet funding to schools, college and universities is being reduced significantly. This means that it is harder than ever for staff, students and even assets to remain safe.

However, companies who specialise in integrated security solutions understand this and are therefore changing their approach accordingly. Whilst there are more threats and less money, there is also now better technology to deal with threats and the majority of companies will have a whole range of integrated security solutions that can be utilised with the costs spread over the length of any contract to ensure such solutions are affordable.

But what exactly are the safety measures that educational facilities need to take?

Ultimately, each school, college or university is likely to be different, but there are certain areas that will be common for all to focus on. Whilst terrorism may only be likely in very specific campuses such as high profile schools or well-known London universities, almost every school is likely to have issues with unauthorised access, problem behaviour and even damage to property.

From using CCTV systems through to utilising access control and security management systems it is easy to not only ensure that culprits can be caught, but also that, by utilising the latest technology, potential issues can be flagged up in advance to avoid the problems altogether.

With crime ever more prevalent in schools from physical abuse to trespassing to theft, it has never been so important to ensure the safety of staff and students and to utilise the likes of CCTV systems and access control aids to help avoid serious incidents and allow the easy monitoring of potential threats or, at the very least, ensure that any situations and incidents can be easily resolved.

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