The Financial Incentive of Mobile Phone Recycling

Several million individuals across the United Kingdom own a mobile phone handset for numerous purposes, whether it is for personal use to contact family and friends throughout the day, or provided by a company to be utilised exclusively for business purpose. The considerable advancements within mobile phone technology has culminated in the emergence of high specification handsets such as the iPhone that allow individuals to access the internet from a multitude of wireless network areas, in addition to touch pad screens and applications to suite all tastes and needs. As such advancements are continual, updates models are released by all mobile phone manufacturers which extend the technical qualities and output performance, whilst effective outshining older models and rendering them obsolete.

Whether it is via an upgrade with any mobile phone tariff or new handset purchase, modern models replace old handsets which are either stored away for back-up or sold on via companies or website who offer a ‘sell my mobile’ facility. While keeping a back-up handset is beneficial in case of potential damage, theft, misplacement or technical failures to the handset in use, mobile phone recycling comes with a financial incentive that can not only produce a good return on the original price, but also provide essential finances for other purchases. Numerous handsets that are stored away can often be forgot about at the bottom of a drawer which, in the existence of mobile phone recycling companies, can result in a lost opportunity to generate extra finances. This incentive is particularly important within a current climate of economic uncertainty where financial balance is imperative towards affording the overall price of living

Many phone tariffs and specialist sell my mobile companies provide self-addressed envelopes which are perfectly sized for a singular or multiple number of handsets which generate a return in money towards future phone bills or other personal purposes. As all envelopes are pre-paid, individuals receive the full quoted price to recycle their handset without any expenses on their part which is the ideal incentive to recycle any old mobile phone instead of storing away as back-up.

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