Commercial EPC

What is a commercial EPC? An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate. Commercial EPCs are required by businesses and firms in order to comply with English law in regards to energy efficiency efforts to gauge the impact a building has on the environment. EPCs were created to assess and dissect data on how much a building can impact upon the environment and the potential for reducing the carbon footprint of said building. The purposes behind EPCs are to drive efficiency amongst businesses to help stem the tide of environmental collapse that we may be faced with if current trends continue along with helping business to curb energy bills.

Commercial EPCs work on a scale of A to G, with A representing the highest possible ranking and G the absolute lowest. Trends concurrent to an EPC show that those in band A have the lowest fuel bills possible, whereas those in band G have the highest. It is not possible to go entirely from a G to an A, as certain buildings are likely to consume a large amount of electricity and therefore have a larger carbon footprint regardless of drive to improve efficiency. Many have claimed the enforcement of initiatives like EPCs have been harmful due to imposing more regulations upon businesses and potentially making them invest more and more money into efficiency rather than building the business itself. With the growing list of evidence about the adverse effects of global warming and the environmental impact a large carbon footprint can have, the naysayers about the worth of initiatives like EPCs are beginning to open their eyes to the value they can bring to improving efficiency across the board.

EPCs and commercial EPCs can be distributed by exterior companies or contractors providing they are properly insured and are regulated by the correct governing bodies. Due to the market opening up like this businesses may shop around for an EPC provider to minimise potential cost and assure that they are getting a firm with a good track record for ensuring correct data gathering when evaluating the state of their commercial EPC. has the most wide ranging, broad reaching assortment of exceptional commercial EPC products at affordable prices. All air conditioning inspections are thorough and precise.